The first official Johannesburg R Users’ Meetup!

We’ve been working hard on obtaining sponsors for the community and setting up a support structure for knowledge sharing and connecting our members. Our first Johannesburg R User Meetup (on the 8th March) is being sponsored by Microsoft and will be taking place at their Bryanston Campus. Our confirmed speakers include:

Marty Epstein
Head of Telematics – Discovery Insure
Marty will be speaking about Big Data Insights from the Discovery Insure Mobile App. He will further explore the raw telematics data being collected and the cleaned data that the data science team is exploring with an aim to improve driving standards and provide improved insurance for the driver.

Philip Marais
Chief Data Scientist – Overscore AI
Philip will be speaking about building applications in Shiny Server + R and getting Shiny Server to talk to a database. He will also demo a Shiny dashboard that was built to function as a complete IoT reporting system obtaining data from a physical location, cleaning, curating and storing and visualizing the eventual output.

We look forward to meeting everyone at the meetup. If anyone wants to chat directly with us please join our R User slack where you can sign up here or send us a message directly on the Meetup group.

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