First JHB Meetup – Resources and Hackathons

Thanks to all who attended the first R User’s meetup last night. It was our first attempt at the format but we have received great feedback up to now. I would appreciate any direct feedback from our members as to recommendations how we can make the meetups even better. Get in touch with me

On the awesome recommendation of one of our members last night we are going to launch a RUsers Kaggle Hackathon.The idea is get groups of local members together, groups can pick their team members and their projects and this will be a great way for people to learn, make contacts and even solve some great problems. All of this with mentorship and guidance from some of the top experts in JHB.

If you’re interested come talk to us on #kagglehackathon on our Slack Team (sign-up here)

If you’re not interested come along anyways and sign up to our Slack Team and talk to like-minded people or be a two by two matrix!

Presentation Resources:

If you want more information or the slide deck please contact me on You can also have a chat with me on the RUsers Slack


A shoutout goes to Code4Africa for their awesome Naked Data Newsletter – Sign up now!

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