First Accra R-User meetup a success!

Accra’s inaugural R-session took place on Wednesday 13 April, in the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).

This first meeting was to identify the proficiency level of the community, and to showcase exploratory data analysis using ggplot2, dplyr, and tidyr. Yes, R is more than the Hadleyverse, but it’s probably the easiest to understand I think. The script can be found on our github page.

We had about 10 attendees, which is less than the 27 RSVPs, and definitely only a fraction of our 300+ community, so more outreach is required! Everybody in attendance was an R beginner, which might be due to the presentation subject matter.

In order to explore the possibility of more advanced users existing, but also supporting the R beginners, we will employ a two pronged approach going forward. .. to have a meetup every 2 weeks, alternating between  a didactic meetup for absolute beginners starting from 0, and an advanced presentation for more experienced r users.
For the beginner session, we will issue homework… for example, HW 1 – Complete the TryR course on Codeschool: It’s free, should take like 1-3 hours to complete, and will give them a basis. Then, in the following meetup, we will together do a quiz of increasing difficulty. Everyone solves the problems concurrently in teams of 2, and wherever we get stuck, we slow down and break it down. Or, another idea could be to simply issue something like 10-15 exercises, let the teams of 2 work them out while I circle around helping people… when a team finishes, they also have to circle around to help others etc etc till everyone is done, then we switch do another 10-15 harder ones. Let’s see what approach works better.
Either way, it’s good that the community is finally up and running. Watch out R-world, Accra is coming up!

2 thoughts on “First Accra R-User meetup a success!

  1. I am so glad to see this post. Glad to see that R is growing roots in Ghana. I will be glad to bring inputs to the Ghanaian R community in the future. I did my bachelor degree in Accra and am a big R user.

  2. Hi. mr Amit. can I please have your contact. I have few questions about R language and I hope you can help me

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