Data Science Africa is a blog that acts as a home for all the content (slides, code, videos) for several data science meetups in some major cities in Africa. The blog is run by Data Science Africa (DSA), a non-profit professional group that brings together people interested in data science in the African community. We are a community of data scientists, data miners, statisticians, data analysts, data engineers, data visualizers, data journalists, academics, researchers, and in general people directly involved in data projects.

The Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to engage data science enthusiasts in the African community in an open, active discussion about best practices and new developments in the field. Our blog is a podium for local authors creating leading articles, tutorials, editorials, and reviews. Our goal is to build datascience-africa.org into the premiere information resource and virtual meeting place for the African data science community.

DSA additionally operates the Data Events-calendar, a curated calendar of relevant Meetups, conferences, hackathons, and workshops in some cities in Africa.


Some of the meetup groups represented on this blog include:


DSA is a volunteer-run, community-driven organization! You can contribute your time and talent as a speaker, blogger or co-organizer. Please get involved and help us make our community even better! You can also always email our leadership team at info@datascience-africa.org with suggestions and ideas.

To keep up-to-date, please follow us on Twitter @DataScience_Afr and use the hashtag #dsa especially at our meetups.


DSA is committed to promoting data science in the African community by fostering education, opportunity and professional development through high-quality community-driven events. We encourage potential sponsors to support one or more of our Meetups.