Accra R Users Group



We are the local R user group for Accra, Ghana. R is an open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization ( R has a very huge user community worldwide, and its user base is growing exponentially. While most commonly used within academia, in fields such as computational biology and applied statistics, it is gaining currency in commercial areas such as quantitative finance and business intelligence.

Our goal is to support and share R experiences and knowledge among its users in the Ghanaian community. We would like to hear how you use and enjoy the R language and statistical programming environment. We would also like to inspire new users to learn R.

You can join the rest of the community on our meetup site on

Meet the Organizer

akAmit is the organizer of the Accra R-Users Group. He is a Regional Systems and Technology Director for ACDI/VOCA in Ghana. Previously, he worked with the the AQUASTAT Programme of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, and engineering consultancy firms in the USA. He is Environmental Engineer happily converted to a data guy. He focuses on data management strategy, dissemination, quality and visualization. Current interests are in dashboards and data for adaptive management.

Next Meeting’s Agenda

We are preparing the agenda for our next meeting/workshop and we will post it as soon as possible.

Meetup Location